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nudity lewd selfies 

forgot to make the second post earlier, but here's the other parts of my body that aren't my ass. do I look pretty when I'm tired? I think I do. pretty girltwink femboy

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soft lewd but not really nude, 🔄✅ 

decided that I liked this picture of my tummy

when your mate won't shut the fuck up about his new handheld he got and he won't let you try it out unless you pay him 5$ for an hour

"alright" should stand for "always right" instead of whatever the fuck it is now

the problem with femboys is that I, a femboy, do not have any caffeine to consume at this current moment

oh my god, a friend commented on me receiving a gift saying i don't have a sugar daddy, i have a "sugar cartel" since i've got so many friends and partners who spoil me lmao

We need more cute people in crop tops. Im certain that would only have positive outcomes.

I was just called "the dark souls of twinks"
it's in my bio now.
what the hell lol

boost if you have a cat
boost if you want a cat
boost if you are a cat
no one will know which

cute name for ur bigender partner: bothfriend

writing my number on a public bathroom wall with the caption "call for a miserable, loathsome time"

i will never stop loving power metal at any point in my pitiful little life

"Illyria is ruled by three kings elected by its citizens. The High King who holds the greatest power and seated on the capital is the former commander of the Holy Knights, Ky Kiske. The second king is another hero from the Crusades, Leo Whitefang. The third king is named Daryl. "

I love Guilty Gear.

do you think prog rock/metal fans call themselves progchamps

please someone email me some caffeinated beverage i am sleepy

my gender is a simple, confused "What the fuck?"

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